How To Get A Leo Man Back (5 Simple Steps)

Are you trying to get your Leo back? 

Are you wondering whether there are behaviours that he is more likely to react to? 

If so, you’re in the right place. 

This guide reveals the best ways to win back a Leo’s attention. 

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The question is: how do you go about winning his attention? Read on for our Leo-specific tips. 

How Do You Get A Leo Man’s Attention Back?

How do you get a Leo man's attention back?

So have you lost a Leo man’s attentions and crave it again? This is not surprising given how alluring they are – both physically and mentally too. As a fire star of the zodiac, they are always going to be sexually very attractive as they exude passion. It also makes them a competitive sign that is helpful for trying to win their attention back. It means a few ploys can be used to help you get back together.

Play Hard To Get

Playing hard to get can work wonders when trying to get back together with a Leo man. It’s down to that very competitive nature of theirs. They will not want to feel like they are losing in any way – to them if you are checking out of a relationship before him, he will feel like he is failing.

That’s why it’s great to stop being so available to him. If he is used to being the one in control and getting to see you whenever he feels like it, then he will not like it when he can’t see you at a drop of a hat. He will have his interest resurrected in what you are up to without him all of a sudden.

The one thing to be wary of when using this method is that some Leo men are far more honest than they are competitive. If this is the case, they won’t appreciate this type of dating game that you are playing. It can actually have the adverse effect of him becoming even less interested in you than before. If you know your Leo man is honest to a fault, then only play hard to get if you have tried everything else to get him to come back to you.

Date Other Men

If you’re not exclusive yet, a good way of winning a Leo man’s attention back to such an extent that you are the only woman in his life, is to starting dating other men. Making yourself out to be a wanted entity is the perfect way to make him feel like, if he doesn’t make things exclusive with you quickly, he could miss out.

This is a natural thought process for a Leo man who is used to getting what he wants thanks to his confident and competent nature. He is a perfectionist who likes to think if he sets his mind to something, he can achieve anything he wants. If you look like you are not as available for girlfriend material as he once thought, he will stop at nothing to make sure you are coupled up as soon as possible.

The one thing to be wary of here is that a Leo man can be a very loyal character. Even if you guys are not exclusive yet, you seeing other people may still have the unproductive result in you pushing him away. That is because, while he may not have thought of you as your girlfriend, he may not have been seeing other people anyway out of respect for you. If you don’t show him the same respect and do so in a devious way, he will be deterred from dating you as he will start to see you as dishonest.

Communicate With Him

Communicate with him

This is not so much a trick, but common sense when you feel that your Leo man has mentally all but checked out of your relationship. Simply talk to him about his actions and how they are hurting you. As previously mentioned, a Leo man is a very honest guy who will appreciate your honesty even if it does lead to an awkward conversation.

One thing that should give you confidence to approach such a conversation about your relationship and open up the lines of communication is that a Leo man isn’t afraid of blunt debates. In fact, he welcomes them. Plus, if he hasn’t sat you down and talked through the fact that he is having doubts already, it could well be that he is unaware that his actions are causing you pain. In short, if he wants to break up with you, he will have told you already.

If, you have actually already broken up, and you would like to know how to get a Leo man back, then communication can still be key. Sit him down and remind him of all the reasons why you are great together. Ask him what it was he was never getting from your relationship and what he would need to change in future for you to be together. You will probably find that he is far more open to trying again than you would imagine.

Plough Your Attention Into Your Work

Leo men love a woman that is ambitious. A good way to get a Leo man back pestering you for dates, is to start spending more time in the office. This ties in really well with playing hard to get, but in a way that is incredibly attractive to a Leo guy.

He thinks women who want to succeed are extremely alluring and so if you are spending more time on your career than with him, he will find this irresistible. He likes to think that he is with a woman that can match him in the career department, so if you are working hard as he does, he will find this likemindedness very tempting.

You can expect his attentions to come back to you therefore pretty quickly if you know him to be a Leo that is determined and ambitious too. However, use this trick with care if you know that his ego is large. It can mean that you are never around to bolster his mood, which sometimes a Leo man craves more than a successful girlfriend.

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Flirt With Him

If you have lost a Leo man’s attention, a great way of getting him back is to up the ante when it comes to flirting with him. Go back to basics and start texting him with funny messages that are full of innuendo and witty one liners. He will soon want you back in his life more and more. If you have his email address, try luring him into a flirty email conversation.

Flirting is such an easy way to get back into someone’s dating good books – and it is something that so many people are guilty of letting fall by the wayside far too soon into a relationship. Even happily married couples can benefit from trying to increase the amount of flirting in their relationship. In turn it can really reignite things in all other aspects of a relationship.

Plus, flirting is so important to a Leo man. It goes back to his fiery personality and highly sexual charged nature. You’ll soon find that his attentions have come back to you in no time.

How Do You Know When A Leo Man Is Losing Interest?

How do you know when a Leo man is losing interest?

If you are with a Leo man, how do you know that he is losing interest so that you can employ one of the above tactics to make sure you never break up? See our reasons below so that you know what you need to change.

He’s Not As Supportive

Leo men, when they are fully invested in a partnership, are incredible boyfriends. One of the main reasons is that they are really supportive and want to please their girlfriends in any way they can. If you suddenly find that he is not as interested in keeping you happy, then you may find that he is starting to have doubts about you and your future.

He Loses Interest In The Bedroom

A Leo man is one of the most sexually charged signs of the zodiac and will want to make the woman he loves like a goddess in the bedroom. If he stops trying to sleep with you, then you can read into that quite plainly. He may be looking to end the relationship so that he can go out with others.

He Doesn’t Ask How You Are

A lot of women often complain that their boyfriends or husbands never show much interest in their lives and don’t ask many questions about how they are. This is not the case for a Leo man in love. A Leo man is a very attentive boyfriend who will always need to know what is going on his girlfriend’s life. If he is no longer asking after the latest news from you, he could be feeling less than positive about your future together .

How Do You Know When A Leo Man Is Playing You?

How do you know when a Leo man is playing you?

It’s unusual for this sign of the zodiac to want to play games but every so often a Leo man is not as straight with his girlfriend as he could be. Here are some signs to learn if a Leo man is playing you so you don’t get caught up in something if you don’t want to.

He Makes Plans Then Cancels

This can be so irritating, but it is a key sign to be aware of that your Leo man is playing you. If he is forever cancelling plans that the two of you make together, then you need to either call him out on it or start thinking if this is what you want from your boyfriend.

He Is Very Evasive

If your Leo boyfriend is continually making excuses as to why he can’t see you, then your Leo is not being honest with you about how he views your relationship. Whilst surprising behavior from the usually up front Lion, it does happen. Again, you need to decide whether you want to stick around or breakup with him so you are not subjected to such actions.

He Picks Fights With You

This can be a Leo man with a huge ego’s way of testing you and seeing whether you are serious about him. He will want to see if you have the strength and want to stay with him and never leave. This type of behavior can be difficult for some women to cope with, but it does at least start with honourable intentions

Trying To Get Your Leo Man Back – The Bottom Line

If you are trying to get a Leo man back in your life – either because you have broken up or because you feel your Leo’s attentions wanting, then this article can be really helpful if you employ the tactics we suggest with care. Apply them having weighed up your Leo’s character and choose the tactic that suits him the best. Knowing that he is a Leo is already a big help.

Have you tried anything else to get a Leo man back? Let us know by leaving us a message in the comments below.

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