89 des meilleurs passe-temps pour les couples qui veulent s’amuser

Votre partenaire et vous êtes dans une routine qui commence à être un peu prévisible ?

L’excitation des premiers jours passés ensemble commence à s’estomper et vous voulez essayer quelque chose de nouveau pour vous amuser à nouveau ?

Le fait de s’ennuyer ne signifie pas que vous aimez moins votre partenaire.

Il se peut que vous ayez besoin d’ajouter de la nouveauté pour rompre la routine de la vie quotidienne, et la pratique d’un passe-temps en couple est un bon moyen de commencer.

En commençant à pratiquer un loisir en couple, vous aurez de nouveaux sujets de conversation et vous renforcerez vos liens.

Vous pouvez vous éloigner du stress de la vie et vivre ensemble des moments d’insouciance.

Jetez un coup d’œil à ces 75 passe-temps pour couples que vous et votre bien-aimé(e) pourriez pratiquer ensemble.

Les passe-temps les plus romantiques pour les couples

1. Massez-vous l’un l’autre.

Apprenez à vous masser mut uellement en regardant des vidéos sur YouTube ou en lisant des livres dans votre bibliothèque ou librairie locale.

You can even invest in a massage table. And while you’re learning the art of couples massage, take advantage of the chance to learn about essential oils that can enhance relaxation or boost your energy levels. 

2. Practice Reiki together.

For some, a massage from their intimate partner may be therapy enough. But if you want to explore other ways to heal each other, you can learn Reiki together.

3. Learn sign language.

Or if you’re looking for other ways to show your love by using your hands, why not learn sign language and practice signing to each other. 

4. Take a dance class.

If you’d rather use more of your body, learn to dance the Salsa together. Or find another style of dance you both enjoy. What could be more romantic?

5. Host dinner parties.

Or choose another favorite dance — the waltz, the tango, or the polka. If you also enjoy hosting dinner parties, you can surprise your guests by dancing for them after dinner. You might just inspire some of them to do the same. 

6. Collect seashells.

For couples who want to take advantage of the warm weather with outdoor hobbies, why not take walks on a local beach, and collecting seashells as mementos?

7. Stroll all of your local parks.

Enjoy strolling through as many local parks together as you can discover in your area. You might even run across plants you can collect for food or medicinal purposes if you learn how to forage

8. Meditate.

Taking time out to meditate together can strengthen your relationship and make communication more fruitful. Make meditation a daily ritual you practice together.

9. Draw or paint.

If you’d like to be creative together, why not learn to draw or to paint? Maybe for fun, you can try to draw each other.

10. Enjoy stargazing.

Grab a blanket and your favorite adult beverage and head outside together to gaze at the stars. Download an app on your phone to help you identify the stars you’re observing.

11. Read poetry out loud.

Develop a daily hobby of reading poems to one another. They can be love poems or any type of poetry that stirs your soul. Maybe write a few poems to read to each other.

12. Become tourists in your town.

Make a hobby of visiting the sites in your city that you haven’t seen before. Sit down together and make a list of all of the things you want to do and see locally.

13. Go camping.

Explore state or national parks in your area, and pack your tent and sleeping bags for a few nights of camping together. Create a perfect romantic getaway that doesn’t cost much.

14. Go fly a kite.

Purchase or make your own kites, and on the next windy day, head to your local park for some kite-flying magic.

15. Raise a puppy together.

If you and your partner are looking for a canine companion, find an adorable puppy that you can raise and train together. You will definitely bond over your love for this sweet little animal.

16. Take a pottery class.

Remember that sexy scene with Demi Moore and Patrick Swayze in the movie Ghost? Who knew pottery could be so yummy? Give it a try yourself to see if it sparks more than your creativity.

17. Write daily love notes.

What better hobby is there than expressing your love and appreciation for your partner with daily love messages? Surprise your man or woman with a unique note every day.

18. Improve your sex life.

You may not think of sex as a hobby, but there is always something to learn when it comes to pleasing each other. The key is communication, so start talking and then put your ideas into practice.

Fun Hobbies for Couples at Home

Who doesn’t love to have fun with the people closest to them? A fun hobby might have been what brought you together in the first place.

But even if it wasn’t, think of all the things you both enjoy doing, just for the fun of it. Your home is the best place to engage in hobbies you both enjoy since you spend so much time there.

19. Create a website.

Begin blogging together in a niche you both enjoy and take turns writing articles for it.

Or one of you could write the posts, and the other could focus on editing and promoting them on social media.

20. Read together.

Read the same book together — either aloud or quietly — and discuss the book as you go or when you’ve both finished it.

21. Start a couples’ book club.

If your friends share your love of reading, start a book club for couples and take turns hosting the meetings.

22. Learn calligraphy.

For those days when you just want to create things quietly together at home, using simple but well-made tools, learn calligraphy and use your new skill to write poetry and love letters to each other.

23. Try out home brewing.

Do you and your partner enjoy craft beer? If so, why not make your own by you learning home brewing? Producing the beer may be as much fun as drinking it.

24. Create art with your photos.

Have the two of you traveled to some amazing and beautiful destinations? Find your best photos and create wall art using one of the many services that specialize in this.

25. Become financial experts.

Work together to set up a budget, learn how to invest your money. and create your financial goals together. Yes, it can be fun planning your financial future and working together to make it happen.

26. Redecorate your home.

Is it time to give your home (or a particular room) a little updating? There are loads of books that give you ideas for interior decorating, or just go with your own taste and make the updating projects a weekly hobby.

27. Declutter your home.

Before you redecorate, you may want to go through all of your rooms and begin to declutter and streamline your stuff. You can chip away at it a little at a time every day or a few days a week.

28. Play hacky sack.

Whether inside or outside your home, you can both learn to play hacky sack and challenge each other to a fun competition.

29. Learn an instrument together.

You can learn how to play a musical instrument by watching video “classes” on YouTube. If you’re both practicing together, you’re both less likely to be annoyed when the other picks up the instrument to play a few notes. 

30. Grow a garden.

Grow a garden together in your own yard — or a container garden on your patio. Learning this skill together is a perfect bonding activity.

31. Host a regular game night.

You may know other couples or friends nearby who would enjoy a weekly game night at your home. Make sure you have plenty of games your guests will enjoy. And don’t forget the snacks and drinks. 

32. Try couponing.

At some point, if you take on a hobby that costs money, the added hobby of couponing will come in handy. You can clip them from newspapers or use money-saving (or earning) apps like Groupon and Ibotta

33. Create origami.

When you have to stay indoors, nothing says you have to put fun on hold. Learn origami and use it to create gifts or decorations.

34. Study philosophy together.

If you’d rather learn something more cerebral together, try philosophy. Studying philosophy helps with problem-solving, communication skills, and self-awareness.

35. Build out your family tree.

Chronicle the history of your family together and learn genealogy or sign up for Ancestry or another similar site to uncover your family tree.

36. Work on puzzles.

It’s always fun to work on jigsaw puzzles together. You can take turns choosing the puzzle, and when it’s finished, you can even keep it together as a puzzle wall-hanging. 

37. Play chess.

If you both have a competitive streak, learn how to play chess together. You can start with basic chess set for the home, or invest in a set that travels well (so you can take it with you).

38. Watch documentaries.

There are so many outstanding documentaries that are entertaining, educational, and mind-bending. Find a good list and start checking them off.

39. Enjoy birdwatching.

Get a bird feeder, birdseed, binoculars, and a field guide to identify the birds who visit your area. Join the 47 million birders in the U.S. for one of the most satisfying hobbies ever.

40. Play badminton.

Remember how fun badminton was when you were younger? You and your partner can enjoy some friendly competition with your own game in your yard. Just get an inexpensive badminton set and you’re ready to go.

41. Lift weights together.

You don’t need an expensive home gym to get in shape. Just some free weights will offer a great workout for both of you to build strength and muscle. You can motivate and challenge each other.

Classic Hobbies For Couples

42. Take ballroom dancing classes.

Ballroom dancing is a fantastic hobby for couples who enjoy being active together and laughing together. Learning new dance moves will provide the occasion for both. 

43. Take cooking classes.

If you want to make stay-in date nights extra special, take a cooking class and learn how to make each other’s favorite cuisine. You can also invest in some new cookware to practice. 

44. Go to the farmers’ market.

Make it a new hobby to visit local farmers’ markets together, you’ll have plenty of fresh produce to cook with. It’s so much fun to wander the stalls and select your own fruits and veggies.

45. Try wine tasting.

If you and your lover enjoy great wines, you can improve your palette and knowledge with a wine tasting class. You’ll discover new wines and know what to pair with each meal you cook. 

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46. Prepare international dishes.

While you’re at it, learn how to cook international cuisine to broaden your repertoire, and you’ll never run out of exciting menu ideas for stay-at-home dinners and dinner parties.

47. Become world travelers.

Do you both have the itch to travel together? If so, you can visit the countries that have always been on your bucket list. Sit down together and plan your itineraries.

48. Learn a new language.

Learning a new language keeps your mind sharp, and it can also help you learn more about new cultures and expressions. Learn together and then plan a trip to the country where the language is spoken.

49. Enjoy regular movie nights.

Cold nights inside are made for movies and popcorn. You can even make classic movie night a weekly thing — with your favorite snacks and drinks. 

50. Play golf together.

When the weather’s good, and you want to enjoy it while you can, try playing golf. Or take lessons if you don’t know how to play.

51. Run together.

If you’re both motivated to get fit, start a hobby of running together several days a week. Build your endurance and strength while enjoying couple’s time together.

52. Refurbish furniture.

Learning how to refurbish furniture can save you hundreds or even thousands of dollars, since you’re using what you already have and making it “like new” again. And this can be a fun project for the two of you to tackle together.

53. Discover new music together.

When you’re together, why not take advantage of the opportunity to discover new music — either on disk or on YouTube or Spotify. Explore new genres that you haven’t listened to before.

54. Volunteer.

If you’re looking for hobbies that can play to your strengths, find a way to volunteer together — cooking, teaching, organizing, etc. You might volunteer to run errands for those who can’t drive. Or take a meal to a homebound neighbor.

55. Play cards.

Card games are so much fun and such an easy hobby to pick up. Whether it’s just the two of you, or you’ve included another couple, there’s always a card game for every situation.

56. Do yard work together.

If you both enjoy being outside and making your yard look as beautiful as possible, make yard work a hobby rather than a chore. Go to the nursery or lawn care store together and get all of the supplies and plants you need to win “yard of the month.”

Adventurous Hobbies for Couples

57. Enjoy hiking.

Try some forest bathing with a long hike in the woods or in the mountains. Pack a lunch, plenty of water, and your hiking shoes and hit the open trail.

58. Try snorkeling.

If you live near the water and love exploring the beauty underwater, try snorkeling together. Or choose a romantic destination trip for a snorkeling getaway.

59. Go kayaking or canoeing.

Or try kayaking or canoeing, if you’d rather stay above the water’s surface. You can rent either at many state parks, river outfitters, and lakes.

60. Try bungee jumping.

If you’re really adventurous and brave, you might want to go bungee jumping. You and your partner will enjoy the beauty and thrill of plunging through the air while your heart races.

61. Go fly fishing.

Fly fishing can help you relax, focus, and enjoy the great outdoors. Fly fishing is easier than you think, especially if you start with a guide to show you the ropes.

62. Try rock climbing.

Conquer your fears together and learn the skills of rock climbing. It’s great for strength-build as well and gives you a great cardio workout. It also has meditative benefits because you have to really focus.

63. Learn to sail.

If you live near the water, you should definitely learn to sail. With sailing, you have to work as a team and communicate well with each other. The payoff is enjoying the beauty of the water and being the captains of your own ship.

64. Go zip-lining.

How much fun it will be for the two of you to glide over a forest canopy, ocean, or a cliff. Don’t worry — you’re safely harnessed and helmeted as you sore through the air.

65. Try whitewater rafting.

It doesn’t have to be the dangerous waters of a churning river. You can raft on calmer rivers that still give you a bit of a thrill when you hit some small rapids. You can always go with a guide.

66. Try martial arts.

If you’d rather stay indoors, you can learn a martial ars (like Karate, Judo, Tai Chi, or Taekwondo) by taking a local class together. Any martial art will improve focus, flexibility, and strength.

Inexpensive Hobbies for Couples

67. Watch a TV series together.

Binge-watching new or favorite shows together may not be as productive as some of the hobbies mentioned so far, but there are times when you just need to unwind together. 

68. Spend time with family.

If you’re parents or grandparents, spending time with your kids or grandkids can be a hobby of its own. Or spend time with your own parents and siblings. Your relationships are the most important part of your lives.

69. Set up a scavenger hunt.

If you and your partner (along with family and friends) love a game of friendly competition, there’s nothing like a scavenger hunt for a fun afternoon that’s perfect for adults and kids.

70. Practice yoga together.

For a mindful, meditative hobby you can enjoy every day, start practicing yoga together. Yoga improves strength, flexibility, and focus. And you’ll both feel so relaxed after you finish.

71. Try geocaching.

Why not try geocaching as a hobby? It’s an outdoor treasure hunting game using GPS-enabled devices where you search for a container hidden as a certain location. You’ll get plenty of exercise looking for hidden containers, and you also get to see more of the world. 

72. Bake together.

If you love homemade treats (who doesn’t love warm chocolate chip cookies?) — buff up your baking skills together and create some delicious treats. Just remember your exercise hobbies too! 

73. Play games together.

Make time for some healthy rivalry with Scrabble — or whatever game appeals to you both (Jenga, anyone?). You can even turn crossword puzzles (printed or digital) into a competition if you’re so inclined. 

74. Answer questions on Quora.

If helping others sort things out holds more appeal, consider making time each day for answering questions on Quora or on other social media channels. Focus on building a helpful presence on one or two channels. 

75. Learn to read tarot cards.

Depending on your belief system, you can also help friends and family — and each other — by learning to read tarot. Tarot cards help you develop a closer relationship with your intuition, so you can access your inner wisdom and draw from it to help yourself and others. 

76. Enjoy paint by numbers.

Don’t avoid painting because you don’t think you have any talent. Pick a paint by numbers set you both like, and work on it together. Then celebrate your masterpiece with an adult beverage.

Retirement Hobbies for Couples

77. Learn digital photography.

Digital photography is one of the most popular hobbies the world over. And it doesn’t have to be a solitary thing. Couples who enjoy photography together can make travel all the more rewarding.

79. Make scrapbooks together.

Memorialize your wonderful life together and enjoy scrapbooking to create keepsake albums for family. Scrapbooking is a creative project that will revive great memories and bring you both so much joy.

80. Collect and sell antiques.

Another way to make travel more rewarding is to collect and sell antiques. The collecting part would happen during your travels, and much, if not all, the selling would happen from home, using an online shop or by selling through Amazon with their FBA program.

81. Write your book.

If you’d rather create something of your own to sell, why not write a book together — about your life, about your travels, or about life lessons worth sharing. You can take turns writing a chapter or section of the book.

82. Become politically involved.

Why not volunteer together in support of your favorite political candidate or at a polling place? You’ll be doing a service for others that makes a huge difference in everyone’s lives.

83. Give stone carving a try.

If you’re looking for a hobby that results in small objects you can give as gifts, try stone carving. You could even carve your own chess pieces or animal tokens out of soapstone or other rocks at your disposal. Two pairs of hands make the time even more productive and entertaining. 

84. Foster a pet.

There are plenty of animals in shelters who need temporary homes or just need someone to take them out for a walk. If you don’t want to commit to pet ownership, you can still give some love to an animal in need.

85. Play pickleball.

Pickleball is a paddleball sport for two or four players. It combines elements of tennis, badminton, and table tennis. The game is a great fit for mature adults because it’s much easier than tennis but still gives an aerobic workout without as much stress and strain on joints and muscles.

86. Grow a butterfly garden.

If you and your spouse love the beauty of butterflies, plant a butterfly garden in a sunny spot near your house. Plants like violets, milkweed, and asters are great for caterpillars. Nectar-filled plants to attract butterflies include Joe-Pye weed, ironweed, yellow coneflowers, goldenrod, and brightly-hued asters.

87. Join a singing group together.

Do you both love to sing? If so, join your church choir or another singing group where you can enjoy great music and entertaining others.

88. Mountain Biking

Tackle the rugged wilderness together and hit some mountain trails on wheels. Don’t have bikes? Many trail and adventure companies offer rentals.

Also, check with your local sporting goods store, and don’t forget to gear up with pads and helmets. The object is to have fun, not get hurt. 

89. Stargazing and Astronomy

Exploring the twinkling night sky is a wondrous and humbling pastime. So grab a blanket, find a clear, safe spot, and stare up without the aid of telescopes like the ancients.

For a change of pace, head to a planetarium. Or take the middle road and purchase a portable telescope, then travel around — near or far — chasing the cosmos.

The Importance of Fun Times Together as a Couple

Have you ever had an intense pre-dating period fizzle into a mind-numbing relationship? It’s a common occurrence and the inspiration for the saying, “the chase is often better than the catch.” 

So, how do you prevent a relationship from stalling early on? One way is spending quality time together, and here are some reasons why.

  • People who enjoy active and engaged time together share feel-good hormonal bonds, binding them closer.
  • If you never do anything together, you’ll never make memories, which is bad. Why? Because recalling “the good times” can keep a relationship together in “the hard times.”
  • Being active together is a communicative form that helps you learn more about one another.
  • Our brains and bodies perform better when we reject the couch-potato lifestyle.

Fun and play are the spice that keeps a relationship fresh and interesting. Make a vow to avoid Netflix binging or hunkering down with your individual iPhones so you can create memories together that strengthen your bond as a couple.

Did you find some hobbies for couples that spark your interest?

Now that you’ve had a chance to look over 89 hobbies for couples, which of them interests you most? Which do you see yourself enjoying with your significant other? 

And are there any that took you by surprise — in a good way?

I hope your life is full of good surprises, whether you encounter them in couples classes or when you’re quietly working on something together at home

Good hobbies have a way of leading to others you can enjoy — alone or together. May your hobby time as a couple bring joy and peace to you both.

And may you inspire other couples to find hobbies they can enjoy together, too.

It can start with a simple gift you made yourself, or with a story. Be generous with both.

Starting a fun couples’ hobby together will give you something new to talk about and can strengthen your bond. You can get away from the stressors of life and experience carefree time together. #couples #hobbies #menandwomen #marriage #dating