11 signes incontournables du syndrome de l’épouse volage

Malheureusement, tous les mariages ne respectent pas la formule « jusqu’à ce que la mort vous sépare ».

Selon les statistiques, près de 50 % des unions se terminent par une séparation ou un divorce.

Il est intéressant de noter que des études montrent que les femmes sont plus enclines à abandonner, ce qui a donné naissance à l’expression « syndrome de la femme qui s’en va ».

C’est ce dont nous discutons aujourd’hui.

Pourquoi cela se produit-il ? Quelles sont les étapes de la fuite de l’épouse ?

Mettez-vous à l’aise et installez-vous devant votre écran, car nous vous présentons tout cela ci-dessous.

Qu’est-ce que le syndrome de l’épouse volage ?

Le syndrome de l’épouse volage est un terme d’art psychologique utilisé lorsqu’une femme quitte le mariage sans prévenir, ce qui peut entraîner beaucoup de confusion et de questions de la part du mari.

Pourquoi cela se produit-il ?

Chaque relation est différente, mais les coupables les plus courants sont les suivants :

Parfois, cependant, les gens s’éloignent les uns des autres.

woman sitting on floor taping box Walkaway Wife Syndrome

Il n’y a ni rime ni raison.

C’est ainsi que le proverbial cookie s’est émietté.

11 signes avant-coureurs du syndrome de l’épouse fugitive

Si vous avez atterri sur cette page, vous vous demandez probablement quels sont les indices qui peuvent se présenter avant qu’une femme ne se sépare de son mari.

Voyons donc quelques signes.

1. Elle n’a plus envie de faire les choses pour vous

Les personnes qui sont sorties d’une relation ne continuent pas à faire de petites choses gentilles pour leur conjoint. Réfléchissez donc à la façon dont elle vous a traité.

Ne fait-elle plus le café ou le petit-déjeuner le matin ? Fait-elle sa lessive mais pas la vôtre ?

Pensez également à la façon dont elle réagit lorsque vous faites de petites choses pour elle. Est-elle sincèrement reconnaissante ou l’ignore-t-elle ?

2. L’intimité sexuelle diminue considérablement

Votre femme et vous aviez autrefois une vie sexuelle active et épanouie. Mais aujourd’hui, l’intimité s’est considérablement réduite. Même lorsque vous avez des rapports sexuels, ils sont sans histoire et superficiels. En fin de compte, vous ne faites que suivre le mouvement et vous ne vous sentez pas liés physiquement.

3. Emotional Intimacy Decreases Dramatically

Not only are you not physically intimate, but your emotional intimacy is nonexistent. You no longer have deep and meaningful conversations. 

Once upon a time, you cared about how each other felt. You sought out each others’ opinions and valued them. 

But now, you barely speak. Sure, you may chat about the weather, television, or the news, but the emotional distance between you has never been wider.  

4. The Marriage Starts Drowning in Criticism

We all have faults and make mistakes. As such, constructive criticism is a part of life. Learning to handle it is a sign of maturity. But if your union now feels like a storm of nitpicking, it may be a sign that things are irrevocably breaking down.

People in unhappy relationships tend to make mountains out of molehills. Every little thing their estranged partner does is annoying, and criticism amps up to an unmanageable degree.

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5. She Becomes Increasingly Defensive

Defensiveness is a natural human reaction to criticism. Some believe it’s a product of humans’ survival instincts, but learning to curb it in the modern world is the right move because nine out of ten behavioral faults don’t amount to a life-threatening situation.

However, sensitivities are at an all-time high when someone wants out of a partnership, and every question can feel like an indictment. 

So if your wife takes offense to everything you say, it may be a sign that she’s “over it” and wants out.

6. She Spends Less Time at Home

When things were going great, you and she spent loads of time together. Netflix and chilling were the norm. You ate meals together and enjoyed each other’s company. 

But now, she always has plans that don’t include you. To be honest, you can’t remember the last time you went out on a date. She may even start taking vacations without you.

Please don’t read us wrong: Maintaining friendships is vital, and couples needn’t do everything together. It’s healthy to spend some time apart. But if your wife is spending more of her free time with everyone but you, that’s not a super sign, and she may be getting ready to walk away.

7. She Starts Fights Over Small Things

You forget to take out the garbage, and she blows up. She wants to watch X, but you suggest Y, so she starts a huge fight. Ultimately, your wife starts fights over tiny, inconsequential things that can easily be rectified. 

If this sounds familiar, a divorce may be in the offing. Again, when people are done with a relationship, little things work their last nerves. 

8. She Brings Up Divorce

She may not come out and say that she wants to end the marriage, but lately, your wife constantly brings up other couples that are going their separate ways. Not only that, but she seems happy for the people walking away from their marriages — or even envious. 

If this is the only clue, and the people about whom she’s talking should end their marriages, then you likely have nothing to worry about. But combined with other signs, it may be a giant red flag

9. She Starts Sleeping in a Different Room

Has your wife decided to start sleeping in the guest room or on the couch? This is one of the major signs that all is not well. 

If this happens, the first thing to do is talk about it. In some cases, it may be nothing. Some people simply like having their own space and don’t get a good night’s rest with someone else in bed. She may also be feeling poorly and doesn’t want to keep waking you up.

But if the change is apropos of nothing else, it may signal a change of heart, and she may be thinking of stepping away from the marriage.  

10. She Stops Complaining

We’ve discussed how a wife who wants out may be super defensive and hypercritical. Well, the opposite may also be true. 

man is upset covering his head with hands on bed Walkaway Wife Syndrome 

When someone is really and truly done with a relationship, they may tune out their partner and stop caring about what they say or do. 

Some folks argue that this is the definitive sign someone wants out of a relationship, and they have a point. Think about it: Do you care about the opinions and actions of people you intensely dislike? 

11. She Gives Herself a “Glow Up”

Has your wife been going out of her way to change her look? Have aesthetics uncharacteristically become a top priority? 

This is another sign of walkaway wife syndrome that must be paired with other clues. After all, it’s perfectly normal to go on a diet or change one’s look to boost confidence. But if she’s focused on her looks and also showing signs of annoyance, there’s a good chance she is paving a path to singledom. 

Why Do Wives Walk Away?

Every relationship has unique contours shaped by experience, situational factors, and personality dynamics. As such, it’s impossible to give a slam-dunk, universal answer as to why wives walk away. However, patterns present themselves when it comes to “walkaway wife syndrome,” including:

  • Neglect: Many women opt to end marriages because they feel neglected by their spouses. 
  • Infidelity: Cheating is another major reason people decide to leave a relationship. It’s the ultimate betrayal of trust, and many people cannot get over an affair.
  • Disparate Growth: Are your lives moving in different directions? Are your goals and viewpoints no longer aligned? It’s fine to grow and change, but sometimes two people head off in opposite directions, and finding a middle ground is impossible.
  • Financial Strife: According to some studies, financial discord is the main reason people end marriages — especially when deception plays a role.    

Again, every partnership has its specific challenges.

So if you’re trying to pinpoint the holes in your marriage, communication is critical. Working with a trained therapist can also help.

How Do Husbands Contribute To Making a Wife Walk Away

The term “walkaway wife syndrome” is controversial because it puts the onus of the failing union on the women. But in nearly all cases, both parties contribute to the downfall of partnerships.

So what do husbands do that leads to wives throwing up their hands and saying, “I’m done! I’ve had enough!”? 

  • Poor Communication: Communication is the backbone of strong, healthy relationships. Without it, things crumble quickly. If the partnership hits a rocky patch, and the husband refuses to address the issue head-on, the union will undoubtedly suffer, often to the point of no return. 
  • Lack of Equality: While everyone likes to believe they don’t harbor any biases, we all do on a subconscious level. More than that, we typically act on them. As such, many men may treat their wives as second-class citizens, contributing to the relationship’s downfall. 
  • Disrespect: Taking one’s partner for granted is another common mistake males make in rocky relationships. They forget to thank their partners for the little things.  
  • Laziness: Relationships take effort. So when husbands don’t carry their weight, the union may feel lopsided. 

Things a Wife Should Consider Before Walking Out on a Marriage 

Being in a relationship can feel like riding a never-ending rollercoaster, punctuated with exhilarating highs and terrifying lows. So when considering divorce, it’s essential to determine if the trouble is irreconcilable or just a tough season. 


Do you have children? If so, their well-being should be a top priority. While nobody should stay in a toxic marriage, weighing the needs and feelings and your kids is vital. 

Do they have special needs? If so, how will you handle the situation in the event of a divorce? What about custody? Will the courts insist on co-parenting? Will the children be shuffled from one house to the other on a regular basis, or will they stay put, and you and your ex will come and go?  


Can you afford to get divorced? Do you have a nest egg or a good-enough job to handle your own financial obligations? Is there debt to consider? What about assets? 

Financial conflict is one of the main reasons people end their marriages. But it’s vital not to let a hot head dictate your decisions. Most people go through a period of monetary instability at some point in their lives. So think thrice before throwing in the towel because of one incident. 


How long have you been married? If it hasn’t been that long, understand that there’s no such thing as a “perfect” marriage. You will fight, and sometimes it feels dire. Both of you will cross the line at least once. 

So consider whether you and your spouse are simply weathering a rough patch.

However, abuse is never acceptable. Don’t believe partners who say they “will change” and swear that it “will never happen again.” If someone lays their hands on you, it’s time to figure out an exit strategy. 

Repeated Behaviors

Are the things making you want to throw in the towel an ongoing problem? Or did something happen just once?

If it’s the former, and you’ve given him second, third, and fourth chances, then yes, it’s probably time to cut your losses and separate. But if you’re considering walking away over a single incident, you may want to think again.

Don’t get us wrong. If he cheated and that’s a deal breaker for you, do what you must. Moreover, as we’ve mentioned, abuse is never okay. 


Is the husband in question in good health — mental and physical? Illness deeply impacts behavior. So if your partner is struggling through a difficult time, divorcing may be overkill. It could be just a rough season that will improve once he heals. 

How Husbands Can Deal With Walkaway Wife Syndrome

Divorce is difficult, and getting through it involves confronting logistical, emotional, and mental factors. So what can husbands do when dealing with a “walkaway wife?”

  • Acknowledge Your Faults: While it may feel like you’ve done nothing wrong and your wife is being unfair, it’s exceptionally rare for only one person to be at fault in a failing relationship. Acknowledging how you may have contributed to the partnership’s deterioration is the first step in getting over its decline.   
  • Focus on Your Goals: The next step is focusing on your goals. Lean into your aspirations and passions. Keeping yourself busy and working toward your future is the best way to move on.
  • Work With a Therapist: Budget permitting, seriously consider enlisting a therapist. They will give you the tools to deal with the situation and help you overcome any associated mental or emotional difficulties. 
  • Start Dating (Casually): Getting back out there is important! While it isn’t wise to immediately jump into a serious relationship, casual dating is fine.  
  • Eat Well and Exercise: It may sound like a cliche, but eating well and exercising does a mind — and body — good! It increases the amount of feel-good hormones coursing through the body, which supports better mental and physical health.
  • Practice Mindfulness: The studies are in, and they all agree: Practicing mindfulness greatly eases symptoms related to anxiety and depression. So if you’re feeling blue about your relationship’s end, give meditation, yoga, and journaling a shot. 

Final Thoughts

Dealing with the end of a once-vibrant relationship can be heartbreaking. If your wife has walked away unexpectedly, use this time to look at what you might have missed and how to address these issues should you reconcile. Or how to use them as information for a future relationship. 

Remember, life goes on. You will feel better. The key is taking care of your mind and body.